Where are we headed?

Is this really where you want to go?

Who is going to change it?

Is the following acceptable to you?

Please Think on these things.......

Humanity is troubled. We have taken the kind out of humankind. The world is challenged with too much war, homelessness, hunger, poverty, pollution of our water supplies, pollution of the the air we breathe, threat of nuclear attacks. More personally we are troubled by crime, murder, viruses, poisoned food, lack of affordable health care, poor education, fear of personal security, and fragile economies. In America we are getting used to watching life through reality TV shows instead of living our own lives fully.

Well I have a dream... an age old dream, one that has not been yet fulfilled.

It is a dream of peace. It is a dream of humanity being kind to each other. A dream where people help each other to have the very best life that they can have while enjoying their own best life.

Perhaps you also have this dream. Since we can go to the Moon and to Mars we can together at least make the effort one by one to get people to realize the possibility of this dream becoming real.

We are One Human Family. We are One People.

Honor no borders

Honor all races

Honor all religions and beliefs while making your own sacred to yourself.

Honor the Earth.

Honor and practice Human Kindness

Lift a United Voice.

Spread Peace everywhere starting in your own Heart.

Spread a United effort of Soulutions being in small ways.

Spread Freedom

Let us together create solutions and ideas for a better world so we can take unified actions to help feed the hungry and house the homeless.


EW does interviews with masters of different disciplines to get their insights and will post them on this site for all of us to benefit from. This interview was done with Linda Van Donk, a 10th Degree BlackBelt in the Martial Arts. We feel these to be pure jewels to living a wonderful life.


If you were a godparent to a newly born child, or were chosen by the Maker of the Universe to choose a set of life qualities that would build a beautiful life and an Enlightened Society what would they be?

1. To always know their connection to Source.
2. To know the universe is loving and unlimited.
3. To know that they have a right to be themselves.
4. To know that consciousness is in everything and never dies.
5. To love learning and to be curious about how everything works.
6. That the field of being is unlimited love and that everything comes back to that.
7. The most important lesson you can learn is that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed fully.
8. To live as naturally as possible with the foods you eat (and the water you drink).
9. Respect the Earth you live on for its life supports your own.
10. The greatest treasure you will ever have is the people you love and who love you back.
11. A sense of humor about your life and the situations that you find yourself in is a prerequisite for a happy life.
12. Be able to forgive the shortcomings of people - especially yourself!
13. Learn discernment but beware of judgment as you can never know all the facts.
14. Keep your heart open as your head can never know all truths. (loving kindness)
By Linda Van Donk.