Enlightened WarriorTM Training

Personal Change * Societal Change * World Change

I encourage you to become your best in life. Be courageous enough to excel to your greatness through the path of an Enlightened Warriortm.

I have invested 30 years of my life in deep investigation, from Alpha Consciousness training to Zen, in order to perfect a model for living more effectively. I climbed the mountains to seek the mystics, I traveled through the dark deeps of my soul, I sat under the tree Buddha obtained Enlightenment, I walked the path Christ carried the cross, I went to ancient civilizations all around the world seeking the wisdom givers. I trained with Martial Arts masters in many disciplines until I became one of them. I studied body healing systems and I studied the mind sciences until I became a Master Trainer/Programmer for the best.

Along the path of my quest and journeys both on the inside of myself and all over the world I have found the keys to unlock the crown jewels of a wondrous, fulfilled life. I want the world to have what I have learned without all the hardship that it took me.

I want to give you and the rest of the world an easy path to living a fantastic life.

I want to give you the tools to take yourself apart and put yourself back together again just the way you want to be, starting right where you are now to make your life better in every area.

I will present to you Easy, Simplistic ideas, concepts and body-based processes that will inspire you and help transform the way you think and live.

We all need change, plus the world needs our help and peace must start inside each of us first. The measurement for Truth can NOT be in obtaining more information or in who is better or right. The measurement for Truth in our Enlightened Warrior TeachingsTM is body and life experience based. The Wheel of Living Light will serve as a constant calibration for where you are in a balanced life and let you know what you need to do to further perfect it.

Soon the Jewel of Life Teachings will also be offered, one at a time, for you to better each aspect of your life. These teachings will not be rushed into production.

They are being carefully crafted from the 30 years of my writings, teachings and seminar recordings and updated with research as to my current understanding of the material. I spent over 20 years studying NLP (the scientific study of how we store, code, and process information and I was a personal trainer for the founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, for 8 years) and will use this science to structure the learning process in order to be the most effective for producing results in the teachings. The Jewel of Life Teachings material will always be updated with new life lessons and scientific discoveries.

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