Enlightened Warrior Meditation:

The Awakened Heart

Here is a simple yet powerful Enlightened Warrior practice that will build your inner power by contacting the primal source of your energy. Connecting to Nowness, pure Source, the Primal Force that continually creates the All in this Now moment you arrive at basic Beingness, the source of your True Self and power.

In a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes sit like you are an Enlightened Warrior, in a comfortable cross legged position with your hands resting palm up in your lap, or on each thigh. A round meditation cushion will help those whose bodies are not prepared for sitting in this fashion. Balance your body by feeling your tail bone on the cushion or floor and gently rocking in several directions until you feel your body find its natural balance point. Imagine you are sitting within your Heart poised between Heaven and Earth. Keep your back up straight, sitting tall and powerful with your head high, balanced perfectly on your shoulders (you can lightly move your head about until you find this balanced state). During the meditation itself let all thoughts and visions be in their own natural form, unjudged by you, unattended by your focus, no matter how great the vision or how troublesome the thoughts may be. Return to the breath and nowness by watching your breath.

EW Inner Peace Meditation

The purpose of this meditation is to rest the mind and body in nowness, experiencing inner peace. Can you be as simple as the breath? Just You, simply breathing in and out. No forcing of the breath, just being as simple as the breath.

Breath comes in through the nose down all the way to the tip of the tailbone, filling the lower body, mid-body, chest and then the head. There is a slight natural pause at the top and bottom of the breath. Experience this stillness between all action. Drink its nectar of pure peace.

It is recommended for beginners to breathe in the nose and out the mouth. Then progress to breathing in and out of the nose, feeling the breath entering and exiting in its natural rhythm.

If the mind becomes too busy give it one focus or two focuses or three focuses for as short as time as possible so that breath is all that is contained in the awareness. Breathe in saying mentally, "I am" ..... if necessary add "I am breathing", if necessary add "I am breathing IN". Reverse the wording upon breathing out. Then drop back off a word at a time until it is just you and your breath. You will soon find yourself at Oneness, totally fulfilled in the All Eternal Now with simply the observance of silence and stillness: the Source. Merge with the Divine Essence that created you in the first place. You are simply the breath expanding and contracting the universe. Your universe. Before opening your eyes sit in the stillness and feel the love and compassion fill your heart, then your body, then the room and then the world. When you arise move and live in this field of love and compassion.

Live with an Awakened Heart.

This Enlightened Warrior Inner Peace Meditation practice was created for you by Richard Van Donk.