Society of
Enlightened Warriors


The purpose of the Society of Enlightened Warriors is to help empower every being on the planet to transcend fear (in all its forms), to come into being themselves fully, and to create an enlightened society in which people consciously help one another to have the best lives we all can have while we put our minds together toward healing the life threatening situations we've caused on the planet we live on.

These actions will require our own personal 'evolution of being' and a unified effort of humanity in understanding that everything we do affects everything else. One of the most basic laws of nature is that for every action there is a reaction. Achieving personal mastery will require the courage of a warrior and the wisdom of a sage. Are you ready?

The Society of Enlightened Warriors intent is to merge the warrior- sage so that we have many more conscious beings who are aware enough to have the personal power to change their own lives and help empower others to do the same, thereby creating a better, more sustainable world.

Many tribes in many lands have talked about the Rainbow Warriors coming to save the Earth. We're running out of time and someone needs to step up. The Society of Enlightened Warriors is in the process of creating an environment, a directed effort for like- minded beings who care about each other and healing the inbalances we have caused in the world. Let's examine the gifts left behind by great Enlightened Warriors from many walks of life throughout our human history that have affected humanity in a positive way. We will study and actualize these teachings to empower ourselves and build a better world together. It is truly time for the Enlightened Warriors of the world to bond together.

This site -like us- will grow a little every day. Be a part of the ever growing vision for a better world!

Our main theme is MAKE IT BETTER.

Check Out The Enlightened Warrior VISION

Your thoughts, your ideas, your actions, your body's health, your love life, your abundance levels, the memories that you leave of yourself in the world.... That’s right, make them all BETTER.




Humanity is in trouble

and your help is needed.

Please think deeply on these things.......

Humanity is troubled. We have taken the kind out of humankind. The planet is challenged with too much war, homelessness, hunger, poverty, pollution of our water supplies, pollution of the the air we breathe, the threat of nuclear attacks. More personally we are troubled by crime, murder, viruses, poisoned food, lack of affordable health care, poor education, fear of personal security, and fragile economies. In America we are watching life through reality TV shows instead of living our own lives fully.

Where are we headed?

Who is going to change all this?

Is this really acceptable to you?

Well, I have a dream... an age old dream, one that has not been yet fulfilled in this world.

It is a dream of peace. It is a dream of humanity being kind to each other. A dream where people help each other to have the best life that they can have while they are also enjoying their own best life.

Perhaps you also have this dream. Since we can go to the Moon and to Mars shouldn't we at least make the effort together, one by one, to get people to realize the possibility of this dream becoming a reality?

We are One Human Family. We are One People.

We need to honor all races as if there are no borders

Honor all religions and beliefs as we do our own.

Honor the Earth as if it is our only home.

Honor and practice Human Kindness

Lift a United Voice from the heart. Reach out and give a helping hand.

Spread Peace everywhere, starting in your own Heart.

Spread a United Effort of finding solutions -even in small ways.

Spread Freedom of the heart and human compassion.

Let us together walk this path, live harmoniously, create do-able solutions and ideas for a better world so we can take unified actions to help feed the hungry and house the homeless and take care of each other when and where we can.

We are looking for planetary citizens who are dedicated to this dream.


We invite you to join us as an official member of the Society Of Enlightened Warriors to help spread unity, understanding and peace in the world in which we live.

Your membership comes with a colorful EWS Membership Certificate suitable for framing, and the Enlightened WarriorsTM exquisite Wheel of Light Patch you can put on a hat or a jacket. For your wallet there is an annual Society Of Enlightened WarriorsTM Membership Card showing you are a recognized member in good standing and are supportive of the vision.

The special Light Warrior membership comes with a coin like the one above - (see below). The beautiful shiny coin is double sided and has the light warrior image on the other side. These coins are individually numbered on the side and registered to you! In the future these freedom coins will be shown to another member in our "Help each other help the World" program. Members names can be listed on the website with their coin ID so that you will know for sure that they are certified members of the Enlightened Warrior Society. Our goal is to get everyone together helping everyone else.

Our future intention is to create an interactive website like www.wikipedia.org where our members can post both global and personal challenges and offer their solutions. We intend to have a method for members to rate ideas so the most popular solution is posted first. We intend to have teleseminars with special guests, and an E-Newsletter full of better living tips, World Watch Alerts, Enlightened Warriors in the news, lessons from history, etc. so you can keep yourself informed.

Our goal is to encourage our friends and fellow practitioners to share with each other the teachings and deep, life-enhancing aspects Enlightened WarriorTM teachings offer. Our goal is to build a better world and a society of human beings that we can all be proud to belong to.

No application is needed to enjoy the basic membership benefits unless you are applying to be on the World Team or to become a prestigious Knighted Member. Knighted Memberships (with a special Knighted Member Coin and certificate) will be only given in person to those EW members who choose to dedicate themselves to helping serve others and this vision we hold.

There is a small donation. A special Light Warrior Champion of the Light Knighting ceremony is given directly by Richard or Linda Van Donk at this time. More on that when you are ready. For now get your membership with the One Freedom coin and then the next year you can just renew with the Basic annual membership.

Membership dues and Donations help bring you this website and will be used to further the education and bring these principles to the world.

2 Membership Options

Light Warrior Basic Annual Membership


  • EW Membership
  • EW Light Warrior Wall Certificate
  • 3" Wheel of Light Patch
  • Special information given only to members.

ONLY $35yr---- join now!


Light Warrior 'One Freedom' Coin Membership


  • Light Warrior 'One Freedom' Coin - Royal Blue and Gold Light Warrior / Make it Better double sided Membership Coin. Your coin is specially numbered on the edge and registered to you!!!
  • Wheel of Light 6" Patch (double the size of the basic membership)
  • Enlightened Warrior Membership
  • Enlightened Warrior Light Warrior Wall Certificate - hand signed and numbered
  • And a free copy of the book "Creating Your Life the Way You Want It." by Richard Van Donk.

ONLY $75---- join now!

ALL profits received from this website will be used to bring this vision to the world. A non-profit entity is being created for this purpose. Until this is completed one of our on-line partners has agreed to process your order so you can become a member or make a contribution. 

When ordering you will be directed to the Bushindo University webstore.

All contributions of any size are much appreciated.

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